Friday, January 16, 2009

Hair Dye and Anti-Depressants

It has been over a week since I could fill my prescription. But today I waltzed right in and dropped it on the counter... and found out that what I had been paying $30 or more for, can be bought for only $4 at Wal-Mart. Say what you want to about that place. Call me a sell out for buying there, as they put people out of business with their cheap (both in price and in quality) products. Fuck you. I'm poor. Wal-Mart was made for those like me. Maybe one day when I have money I'll be allowed to have a soul and give a shit, but for right now I'm buying the cheap products, and I'm happy.

It was also time to buy hair dye (also at an excellent price) and touch up the roots. Its the damnedest thing. My natural color actually grows out, leaving me with this mousey brown shade. Or maybe that was my natural color? I have no idea. I have changed my color/hairstyle around every six months since I was thirteen. I get bored really easily.

So here I sit, my hair soaking in chemicals, doing myself what God should have done for me. It would be nice to have that power Tonks had in Harry Potter (excuse the reference, but if my hard ass boyfriend can enjoy some Harry Potter, so can I) to just randomly change my appearance. This is alot of trouble. It smells, it burns a little, and I'm probably damaging my hair all to hell. But it looks pretty banging when I get done.

I'm always willing to sacrifice a little pain. Recently I pierced my nose, and as many of my friends warned me, it has become an addiction. There are two more piercings I want. Maybe three, along with a slew of tattoos. The needle against your skin, penetrating and piercing and marking and scarring... Oh yes... I need to make an appointment...


Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Wal-Mart. But I too also find myself going there for convince sake. If they had a Scotch and Cigar section along with a more progressive firearm selection I might consider making it my "special place". It could be the true Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms place that many of us have wanted from the government agency of the same name. But, I digress. Ah, booze, cigars, electronics and guns... oh.. I drifted off there for a moment. Now about some porn... :)

Lenina Crowne said...

If only, if only. Maybe you should open a store like that - A giant warehouse filled with high quality liquor, cigars, guns, and porn. Although I'm sure the required permits would be ridiculous.