Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unpure Bastards

My poor CKC registered pure bred chihuahua was recently raped by my brother's Dachshund. Damn mutt. Unfortunately I've noticed too late, and now she must carry to term the little bastards. Chiweenies. The damn things are one of the new designer breeds (which basically means pure bred dogs are raped by another pure bred dog that isn't the same breed and the owners still want to make money).

She was in heat at Christmas when I was home to visit my parents, so when we all left for the day, I locked my dog in my room. Matthew locked his retard dog in his room. When we returned later in the evening, there were wood shavings and carpet everywhere, and two very happy looking puppies on the couch breathing heavily.


Anyone want an overly priced mutt? You know, if the little brats don't kill my dog.


The Demon said...

Mongrel, is the proper term.

Lenina Crowne said...

I prefer "bastard".