Monday, March 30, 2009


This week had tested her. So much to do, so many different people to please; it had been way too much for anyone of normal human parameters.

On the drive home she rolled down her windows in the car. The wind whipped her hair about her face, and she could smell the crisp beginnings of spring taking hold. The radio blasted a familiar tune, one that took her back to a happy past, and she sang along with the melody. Slightly off key, but no one else was there to hear her and to comment and critique. She let the wind carry her voice and muffle out the sounds of the traffic.

Soon she was pulling into her complex, neighbors bustling around, preparing for the coming spring, ready to throw away the cumbersome clothes and attitude of winter. So was she. It was time for peace and rest.

Her dog was barking as she made her way inside.

"You look about to burst! Let's go for a walk, doll." Once again outside, her dog fighting the leash to run after a squirrel every now and again, she smiled up at the sky with her eyes closed. Yes, peace and rest. It was time.

The walk was long. Much longer than usual. She left the apartment complex and did not return until the sun was starting to sink below the tree tops.

Inside, she fed her dog in the kitchen, scooping her up in her arms for a slobbery kiss and furry hug.

Walking to her bedroom, she closed the door and sat on her bed. Here it was - peace and rest.

She laid back, closing her eyes. It was heavy in her hands.

The gun blast was inaudible to everyone around her. Her mother and father could not hear it. Her friends could not hear it. Her room mates could not hear it. She did not even hear it. She just felt the crushing pressure for a moment then... nothing.

Peace. At last.

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