Monday, April 13, 2009

A Bit of Celebrity

I'm not one to gush over people who have a bit of "fame." In fact, I'm usually annoyed at people who do so. But I will indulge myself this one time with a very recent encounter I had with a Knox celeb.

So, I had been hanging out with my Russian princess all night and her friend, Aaron, who I had only met the night before. Long story short, I locked my purse in a friend's car who left early, so Aaron had to take me home.

We stopped by his apartment for a moment to grab a drink and some food, and on our way out he asks if I would like to meet his neighbor, Mac.

Sure, why not, I like meeting new people.

We knock on the door, step inside, and who is sitting on the couch? None other than Mac Comer. His neighbor is Mac Comer? Holy Crap.

I, unfortunately, had a couple of drinks that night, and although I attempted to be nonchalant, I am quite sure I failed horribly.

I mean, come on, it was Mac Comer! I have gone to see this guy play in and about all areas of Knoxville. He is a very gifted musician, and I love his songs. It's not often you open a door and see someone who you've only seen on a stage, with a guitar.

I'm still swooning a bit. He even gave me two CD's, which I have been playing almost nonstop. I know, its shameful. And most of you are probably displeased with your Lenina. But come on. It was Mac Comer!

I'm done now. No more silly celeb talk from this little writer.

Mac Comer!

God I'm a dork.

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