Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't You Want to Give Me a Home?

Ok guys, I have three of the most adorably Chiweenie puppies ever.

These guys will be 7 weeks old this Friday, and are definitely ready to find their homes. Because of the vet bill when they were born, I have to charge $300 for each pup though. The mom is my four pound black, grey, and white CKC registered Chihuahua. The father is a 10 lb. red CKC registered Dachshund. Both parents have amazing personalities and these puppies are spoiled already.

Lilith is the Red girl with looks perfectly mixed between the Dachshund and Chihuahua. She is very brave and loves to scamper about and get into trouble. She's very much like a kitten in that way.

Beelz is a Black and Tan who looks exactly like a mini Dachshund. He is also mischievious, and his tail never stops wagging. He loves to cuddle.

Legion is the second Black and Tan boy. He is basically a little Chihuahua. His temperament is so laid back and relaxed. While the other two fight and play, he is content to lie on his back and sleep. He is definitely a lap dog.

It kills me to find them homes, but I just cannot have four dogs right now. And my bill at the vets for the C-section is looming.

Would you like one?

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