Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dream Peddler

I sold my soul for two pennies.

Two bright, shiny pennies.

Round and full of light.

I placed them in my pocket.

I raced into the night.

The danger was there.

Staring in my face.

But I had my two pennies.

My two bright, shiny pennies.

Everything was in its place.

The peddler had my dream.

Wispy, thin, and dancing.

His hand outstretched. Waited.

For my pennies.

My bright and shiny pennies.

My round and full of light pennies.

My courage at once faded.

I placed my pennies in his hand.

My bright and shiny pennies.

My round and full of light pennies.

And took my dream from him.

Small price to pay.

I sold my soul for a dream.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there are two types of people: Those in which this passage resonates within themselves and those who don't get it. Beautiful.

JMS said...

This definitely resonates with me.

It sure does.


Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Lenina Crowne said...

The happiest a writer can feel is when people read their work and understand. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You are the winner of my Green Bouquet stacked button ring. Please contact me so I can ship it to you (not sure how else to get a hold of you)!

P.S. Your writing is absolutly wonderful and moving.


Lenina Crowne said...

I will so be posting this amazing ring on my site. And a little write up about your stuff.