Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lookin' Out My Back Door

Going home to see my parents is hard for me. We do not always get along or bring out the best in each other. There have been times when either I or they have left in tears, anger, or hate, wanting nothing more than to see the other person NEVER again. How short never is sometimes.

They are family. We are family. And somehow we always manage to make up and still love each other dearly. Even though they heavily disagree with some of my life choices, and make no small reproach about pointing that fact out to me.

I am at the old homestead this weekend. The house I was brought home to right after my delivery. The house I said my first words in, learned to walk in, met my family in. It holds many many memories of loved ones hear and loved ones past.

Walking down the hallway is enough to make me reminisce.

We got off to a bad start Friday morning, at my arrival. It was not pretty. In fact it was quite ugly. Instead of leaving, I went to my room, opened the window, and fell asleep.

A light rain came by while I was sleeping, the smell of dampness waking me up.

This is what I saw...
Waking up to see this peaceful scene, I did my best to put aside the fight from earlier. I walked out to the living room, pretending it had never happened, and they all did the same.

So far, this weekend has been better than all of my other home visits combined. I would like to keep it that way.

Happy Mother's Day, mom...


Jeffrey Teagle said...

Hi Lenina,

This is a wonderful post. I am certain that many (including me) can relate to this Mother's Day scenario. I am not close to my mom either - either by inadvertent choice or strange kharma. I ended up getting her an iced tea maker becuase I didn't know her well enough to choose a more suitable gift.
You should really look into writing a book OR at least getting a publisher for some of your writings. You have talent my dear! DON'T WASTE IT!

Lenina Crowne said...

Thanks Jeffrey...
I'm actually looking hard core into getting published right now. Just have to find a publishing company that is just as interested, lol.
My brother and I got our picture taken for mom. She loved that gift. I'm glad I finally made her happy.
I hope you're feeling better!