Monday, June 22, 2009

Church Signs

Normally, I hate church signs. They are preachy and self righteous, and the most they can do is irritate. But on my way back to Murfreesboro from my parents' house, I saw one that I liked. Maybe because it had nothing to do with God, but whatever.

What you love and what you hate shows the world who you are.

And I like that. So now I will go into a long rambling discussion about my likes and dislikes. Then you (the blog world) will know who I am.

I love:
-Peace and Quiet
-The Outdoors
-Old Country Houses
-The Feel of Freshly Dried Laundry
-The Feel of Grass on My Bare Feet
-Going Barefoot
-Enjoying a Glass of Wine
-Laughing with My Friends
-Planning My Future
-Holding a Baby

I hate:
-People Who Speak in the Third Person
-Sorority Girls
-Most People
-Organized Religion
-Not Being With the Person I Love
-Feeling Empty
-Taking My Pills
-My Body
-Living in A City
-The Self Righteous
-Kool Aid

These lists will most likely be altered over the next couple of days. Keep checking in.


Terry said...

Good list!

Lenina Crowne said...

Thank you, sir.

Sir Types-A-Lot said...

May the things you listed in the "I love" section come in good supply in the near future... (and visa versa for the latter section)

Lenina Crowne said...

Aren't you a polite one? Thank you. ;)