Friday, June 12, 2009


I am hard and uncaring: But I feel guilt when I hurt someone

I wish to sever my ties with people: But if I could bring my papa back, I would

I want to be alone: But a sappy love song can be my undoing

I have lost faith in humanity: But I still look for hope in the faces of children

I am spiritual: But I think christian and hypocrite are synonymous

I hate my body: But I love myself

I am sexual: But I do not see it as necessary for love

I am tolerant: But obstinacy encircles my arguments

I am scared and annoyed by children: But a part of me wants one

I refuse to ever marry again: But sometimes I think it would be ok

I want to have a place to belong: But i want to run as soon as I find it

I am kind: But I have a toxic personality

I am the girl you bring home to mother: But I am not the same girl in the dark

Don't be fooled: I will bite

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