Monday, July 13, 2009

It Tastes Like Candy

I told my mother - I want to taste the world
You can't taste the world
It is hearable and tellible
It is touchable and smellable
But God knows it is not edible
Such a silly girl

But I still wanted to taste the world

Anything and everything is possible
They tell us it is possible
As they stand with their shirts
Holding in all their hurts
Of their failed plans and asserts
Only believing in lossible

But I still want to taste the world

Not even knowing which is my way
I left to go on my way
And I am on it still
More determined in will
And will stay on it 'til
It becomes the day

That I will taste the world

I'll bet it tastes like candy.

1 comment:

The Demon said...

You're such a talented poet. And you know how I normally view poetry.