Tuesday, August 11, 2009


No pictures today, kids. I am in a bit of an uproar, and am only dropping in to update my status. I refuse to let the blog go like I have in the past. Although I also will not break down to this blog being an online journal. Blah. Too boring. So do not expect many posts like this one.

I was finally accepted to my transfer school from UTK. Thank God. Now I can start scheduling my classes and finish up that chapter of my life. It isn't where everyone else wants me to be, but it is where I need to be.
Also, I have started shopping at local farmer's markets around this area. And good Lord, do they have quite the selection. More so than I actually expected. And the food quality and taste is exponentially better than what I have found in grocery stores. Grocery stores ANYWHERE!
I am starting to completely lose my cravings for cheese, meat, and other dairy, and I crave different vegetables and fruit. Which is wonderful.
I enjoy working harder to plan out my meals, knowing that what I put in my body is healthy and completely beneficial to myself. I may keep this going longer than I thought I would.
Right now, I am off to find a vegan cookbook and to cure my little dog's hiccups.
If I find a really good recipe, I will post it later. I am thinking about posting the bread recipes I found. Because they were so delicious.
Veganocity rules.

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