Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A sudden explosion in the catering business (no, not an actual bang, just an overload of jobs) has kept me from writing quite as much lately. But Lord knows I don't mind. All summer I have been hurting for money, and finally now it is coming in. And this job is actually pretty enjoyable.

Last night I came home hurting with a head ache. Its fast paced labor, constantly on your feet, but the pay is pretty good. I had many different things I wanted to write on, a couple of stories floating around, but the headache decided against that for me.

So instead, I nursed my dear little head, going to bed early and sleeping in late today.

Once I get some laundry and other mundane house chores completed for the day, perhaps I'll have something with a little more substance to post.

Oh, and I could possibly be posting elsewhere. So, if anyone still reads my sad little blog here, I will put up another link in a week or so. Cross your fingers, kids.

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