Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Guessed Correctly

And so today begins another chapter in my endless struggle for a degree. This is my damn mountain. I awoke, freaking out and punching at the air, at 5:15 AM when my alarm went off. It was cold. The bed was warm. The snooze button was hit. Of course I did not go back to sleep. I fell into that place that is somewhere between sleep and awake, the unconscious coma-like state, where I know what's going on, but I have no means to affect it.

10 sad and restless minutes later, I drug my body from the bed and shivered into my clothes. Literally. I had goosebump flesh, and I didn't even have to do the "jean dance" to get my pants on. They just slid right up as I shook.

Checking the temperature as I headed out the door, I made a mental note to buy gloves of some sort. 20 degrees does terrible things to a car; mainly turning it into a giant ice cube.

Now that I live in Nashville, and go to school in the boro, my drive is exponentially longer. Which is ok. I'm leaving way before traffic really starts anyway, so there's that not to worry about. And finding a parking space? I had my pick of the damn litter.

The problem came as I was looking down at my schedule to double check the room number I was heading to.

Oh wait, I hand wrote my schedule down because the printer was broken.
And I'm slightly dyslexic.

This is a Tuesday/Thursday class, and I had written down, for each day, my schedule. For Tuesday, this class was in 218. But on Thursday, I had recorded the room as 128. I know, I rock at getting the correct information. Congratulate me on my mental disorders!
Unfortunately, knowing the building, these classes were not exactly on top of each other. Going to the wrong room meant being late for the class. And I heard professors really don't appreciate that type of thing. Then they black flag you, grade your assignments harder, pick you for the really hard questions in class, ... It's just not good, ok?

I made a split decision. And it was wonderful to come around the hall and see "History" written on the board of 218. I was never so glad to hear about Reconstruction and civil rights and the Compromise of 1877. And I think this teacher will be alright, as she used a well known country song: "God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy", to describe her take on history, this class, and society in general.

Also, she has a bumper sticker that reads "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers."
She's the kind of role model we all need.

Also kids, my story "Both Ways" will be published in the January 16th edition of The Four Cornered Universe. I'll put a link up that day.

2010, please be good to me. You're starting off so nice, don't kick me in the ass later...

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