Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wanna Hear About My Day?

As tough as I pretend to be, I still get scared shitless at times. Like today, when I entered onto I24, merged into traffic, and my car decided to shimmy like a stripper at a night club. It was all I could do to pull off onto the shoulder and pray one of the speeding semis didn't wipe me out then and there.

Thank God for caring others.

Patrick was there in less than ten minutes, words of consolation, a plan, something to keep my mind off the broken car. Which I would be paying for, with no moneys. No moneys. (If you would like to send me moneys, I am ok with that...)

I wound up taking his truck, throwing my satchel inside, while he drove off with my Honda, barely getting above 30, and promising to have an answer as to why it decided today was the day it wanted to die.

I drove the 35 miles to campus, only to find most of the student lots had been closed for some basketball tournament being hosted this week. $5 to park.

Ahem: "NO."

There were other lots, being monitored, strictly for MTSU students. If you had a parking tag.

See where this is going?

Guess what I left in my car, back in Nashville? Yep, my parking tag. Guess who wouldn't let me park in any of the student lots? Yep, the guys with bright orange vests.

So what did this resilient little girl do when faced with adversity?

She calmly and quietly tucked her tail, threw a finger in the air, went to buy Boondock Saints II, and went home for a nap.

Oh it is glorious how quiet a house can be when empty in the middle of the day.

Doesn't change the fact that I WILL run over the orange festooned guards of the parking lots if they ever cross a dark street alone.


Stacey said...

Almost the same thing happened to me, just not with a honda mines a VW and it broke down on the freeway on my way to work just a few days ago at 4:30 in the morning... FYI don't break down at 4:30 am no ones phones are on and not enough people care to stop and help. only good thing about that no semis. hope you got your car fixed.

Lenina Crowne said...

Yes, 4:30 AM... not a good thing.
I got mine fixed quickly, thanks to the quick acts of my significant other. If I had to deal with it myself, I would have been too overwhelmed.
How about you? Car ok now? Semis knock you over?

vladyslav said...

where was this "some" basketball tourney was probably NCAA's March Madness?

motivated me to do the I WANT TO: list

Lenina Crowne said...

Actually, I found out the basketball tourney was TSSAA, a high school play off in Tennessee. Freakin' high schoolers.

Will your list be blog published, or private?

Stacey said...

No semis lol... But everyone i know including my bf didnt have his cell on so i was alone for over an hour not one of the people who drove by me helped i actually got honked at. i was pretty pissed plus it was only 23 degrees out and my car never even heated up pretty crappy... what topped it off i was the only broken down person in that area as far as the eye could see and the tow truck missed me 2x and im not making that up people in reno dont seem to be that bright... then when he finally got there to tow my car he asked me if i had someone to pick me up im like ive been here for over an hour no i dont have anyone to pick me up, he was actually planning on leaving me there with out a ride i was like yay, he felt bad and called it in asking if he could give me a ride to the street my apartment is on... that was a really bad day! i bought my vw 2 years ago with 7 miles on it and it has broken down on me more times then i would like... never buy a vw they suck lol... its fixed now but i have this other prob they cant fix with my cruise control... oh well tho ill trade it in son i hope...

Lenina Crowne said...

What model VDub do you have? I'm thankful for my little Honda, lol.

Stacey said...

haha yeah i should have went with honda i have an 08 jetta vw