Sunday, April 4, 2010

Once you lose enough people, it's hard to believe someone will actually stick around. Will anyone stay indefinitely? Can you trust people?


ADVERSE! said...

Yeh of cause people will stay indefinitley, well......thats if u belive they still with you when there not if we are talking of dare i say it a syblos and signs kinda of a gal, never failed me yet. And yes although through negative experines you begin to doubt TRUST, everyone has a trust issue of somekind, i belive you just gotta play that one by ear...i used to jump right in with folk and instantly give trust.....nowwwadys i get to know people over long periods of time befroe that one comes along! and most of all trust yaself,trust ya own instinks/intuition!

Lenina Crowne said...

It takes forever to gain my trust. I may like you, love you, be good friends with you. But trusting you takes time. I got what you mean. I'm just now learning to trust me.