Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tight Monies

This month is going to be a little tight for us.
Really tight.
I have tuition due for my last semester of college, along with rent, bills, and a court cost we won't go into detail about.  The amount is hefty, and I am a little afraid of not getting everything paid.

This is the first time since I have moved out on my own (except when my ex cleaned out the bank account) that I have been tight on money.  We have a plan of not going out much, not driving much, and living off of rice and beans for awhile until we can build back a financial safety net.

I am also considering other ways to make money... not all of them illegal.  They include, but are not limited to:

-Prostitution (not my favorite)
-Winning the lottery jackpot
-Selling organs
-Selling plasma
-Signing up for experiments at research facilities

Some are more feasible than others.  Such as the lottery.  That will definitely happen, right?  RIGHT?  Yes, agree with me and make me feel a little better.

On the bright side, with all the sitting around and staying in I will be doing, I will have an abundant time to write and become reacquainted with my dear blog here.

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon, everyone.



Anonymous said...
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Oru said...

I actually seriously consider donating an egg for infertile women. Up here would be enough to keep me floating very nicely.

But yeah. Stripping too.


Lenina Crowne said...

Hey Oru,
I looked into egg donation as well. All the ones I looked at though, you signed up, and then when someone picked you, you could donate. So there is a chance they would never even pick you.
Plus, with my health and mental record, they put in a disclaimer asking for these people not to sign up at all. Lol.

What does that say about me having my own eggs? Awesome. ;)

ADVERSE! said...

egg donation left me a bit, freaked out, as i cant concieve without having ivf, although i hav me own eggs, the irony... if your fsh/folical stimulating hormone lev is goood, means youd be a good egg producer so they wud accept you, thats what they want, good egg producer, wen i 2st found out ivf was only way for me i applied for a egg share shceme which i was refused for due to weight, i later went private n payed thousands for my own ivf treatment n guess what, im a fab egg maker,i have since considered egg donation, you dont get payed for it here,but you should as you have to take the hormones, the injections, and go through egg retrival, which isnt not pleasant. ihad frozen embryos but i had them destroyed as i couldnt stand the thought of somone else having my babys, plus they changed the annonimity laws here n i didnt fancy a 16year old chappin me door, espescailly when i wont have a child of my own,this post, sparked sumthing off in me

Lenina Crowne said...

I'm glad it did. I'm glad it encouraged you to say what you did. I'm sorry you've had to go through all that. And the pain it must have caused physically and more important emotionally.

ADVERSE! said...

i know who would have thought a post about having no cash could lead to this lol :)

Lenina Crowne said...

That's what I love about writing and conversations. You NEVER know how it will affect someone; it affects everyone differently.
And you never know where it will lead.