Monday, February 23, 2009

The Miracle Of Birth - Nastiness

I came home from class on Friday to find my pregnant chihuahua sporting a red bubble hanging from her vulva. In labor and no movement. After a moment of freaking out, I rushed her to the Animal Hospital.

One emergency C-Section later, three Chiweenie pups were born. The three devils - Lilith, Legion, and Beelzebub, affectionately known as Beelz. Mother and pups are all fine and doing well.

The going rate for the pups will be $500 if anyone is interested? I have to pay off the medical bill.


JMS said...

Aw! So cute! I'm glad mommy dog is OK. Hope you're able to pay off that medical bill in short order!

♥ ya!
Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Lenina Crowne said...

I should probably update this. They are adorable pups. Six weeks old now. But starting to drive me crazy! I've got to find them homes... if you know anyone... And they aren't really $500.