Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

Around 5:00 AM today, I was en route between the boro and my apartment. I was dangerously sleepy, and irritated, having left my demon almost 200 miles behind me warm in bed. Poor little Wednesday slept beside me in her kennel, and I envied her for this. I miss sleeping while someone else drives.

I came upon a semi as I neared my destination. I came upon many semis in the night, so I was not paying much attention to this one. UNTIL! I noticed, marked in the dirt on the back, a star of David.

Hmm... Don't see that usually.

Then, all along in the dirt around the star was writings in Hebrew. It was Jewish graffiti! So I started humming the Weird Al Offspring knock-off and giggled to myself.

Jewish gangsta rap. I love it.


The Demon said...

It's Demon with a capital D, thank you. And I told you not leave, then I told you to at least drink some coffee.

Lenina Crowne said...

I did drink some coffee. But I was going for some exaggeration here for dramatic effect, love. Thanks for ruining it.