Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flu Adventures

I've been sick.

It's not been fun.

When moving from your bed, to the toilet, back to the bed completely wipes you out... It's just time to give up. Saturday night it started: a slight fever and a cough. Then it worsened and developed into a hacking phlegm fest punctuated by aching muscles, more fever, sore throat, and itchy eyes. I've never actually had itchy eyes before. But honestly, itchy eyes.

I lay in bed all day Sunday and most of Monday. Today I ventured out a little further, but I'm about to hop right back into bed with my little doggie for warmth.

But last night... dear God...

As most of you know, I'm on medication for depression. With this medicine, I am not supposed to take Sudafed or Dayquil type medicines. Anything that talks about MAOI's. So I had taken one dayquil around five that evening, hoping for some relief and ability to breathe, then drank almost a half a cup of cough syrup. Nothing was working. All I wanted was sleep. So I began rummaging through my baskets of medicine, looking for anything that even remotely mentioned the words "PM".

My room mate emerged from his room with a box of pills. I wasn't even listening, I just held out my hand. I downed the two pills and went back to my room, tissues and chloraseptic in hand.

Then I began to feel a little... funny...

Just like the couple times I had experimented with some herbal supplements.

I texted my room mate (honest to God I thought I walked into his room and talked to him) and asked what he had given me.



My blood pressure sored. I began to hallucinate. I was talking to people on my phone (I think) but thought they were in my room. It was an interesting night. Finally around 3 AM, everything wore off, and I was left with a pounding headache.

I am feeling better, but still a little out of it.

For instance, this post took MUCH longer than necessary to publish because... well... Somehow I managed to lock myself out of my room.

So, more cough syrup for me. But no more Dayquil. Later kids.

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