Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheap Wine

I consider myself a connoisseur of cheap wine. When you are poor, living on a budget, sometimes you make sacrifices. In my case, that meant my high priced wine taste had to be put on hold. But I'm living with it. And actually starting to enjoy it. Once you've had a few glasses, you never even know the difference.

Yesterday, I went to eat with my new room mates, aka The Landlords, at Subway so the kitchen would be free from clutter and they could pack for their trip. They left a few minutes ago for the beach (tear...) and will not return for a week.

But anyway, back to the story...

As we sat eating, they shared the fact that they were taking wine with them on the road. I had not had wine in over a month, and suddenly I was hankering for a good and dry white. So, stopping on my way home (at Bubba's Liquor, no less), I searched for my treat. I paid a visit to my buddy's in the high priced section, lovingly stroking the bottles, picking up a few to look at the coloration of the liquid inside... I kissed them goodbye and moved to the section I can actually afford.

So, this is it. The cheap wine. And like I said, I consider myself a connoisseur. This is what I recommend.

Cheap wine can be some of the best wine out there. Not only is it cheap, but you can buy it in bulk! So, as you are purchasing it, look for the perfect mixture of low price and high volume. I myself purchased a mega ultra drunky bottle of Chardonnay for $9. (Don't worry, I only drank half of it... that was enough to have me telling my female landlord later that night as we planted flowers by the moonlight (don't ask) of my mother's involvement in witchcraft when I was younger and her pushing me into it)

Another thing - being as the wine is so cheap, you can feel free to purchase wine varietals that you have yet to enjoy. That way you'll know at least the nuiances of the flavor and pitch of that particular type. Maybe not at its best, but at least a general idea. And one day, when you are able, you can purchase the rich bitch kind!

You can also guzzle cheap wine without worrying about "enjoying" each and every sip. Like I would do with that rich bitch kind. Cheap wine is for getting drunk.

It means parties and friends.
It means spilling secrets about your childhood you didn't mean to.
It means sitting on a back porch watching the moon and the stars.
It means looking down to realize a dog has its nose shoved down in your glass.

You know what? Maybe I don't want to go back to my expensive wines when I get the chance.
I can be a cheap wine conniosseur for life.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you take your cheap wine like I take my cheap Scotch, by the quart.

Lenina Crowne said...

Is there any other way to take it? And I think the chair holder on the porch full of water is the perfect place to dispose of empties.

Anonymous said...

You would not believe the some of the places I have found empties. Laundry hampers, desk drawers under the bed, etc. That one other day was a complete surprise.