Monday, May 18, 2009

We Don't Wear Suits

Not much else I can do now.
The siren finished her dance on stage.
She swirled her hips like no other girl I have ever seen.
I had to leave, to meet Barney.
Barney hates when I crack my knuckles.
Says it sounds like breaking fingers.
But when he breaks fingers, its ok.
Barney gives me the chills.
We always meet behind Lucky's Pool Hall.
Lucky is a friend.
Not of ours.
Of the boss's.
We aren't allowed to make friends.
I wanted to stay this time.
The siren always does a second round on Saturday nights.
But I always have to leave.
I would like to talk to her.
But I know I ain't her type.
Ugly ain't that girl's type.
So I leave.
I meet Barney.
He's wearing the blue suit.
Not black, blue.
That means tonight ain't a normal Saturday night.
Not for us.
We wear black.
And we don't wear suits.

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