Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World's Largest...

Adult Bookstore and Sex Shop.

Doug, being the room mate of Patrick and I, graciously hung out with me last night.  We went to The Flying Saucer, to work on our U.F.O. club allotment of 200 beers before we get a party.  We've got almost thirty knocked out a piece.  Be nice and perhaps we'll invite you to our party with free beer and food, but mainly beer.
We finished up there and got in the car to drive home.
On the way... we were sidetracked by the Muse, a music venue in Nashville that is pretty cool.  We weren't sure about the bands on stage that night, so we continued on...

Right past the "World's Largest Adult Bookstore and Sex Shop".

Now, honestly, we had to go in.  The first thing Doug said was,"We should probably measure it."
We spent around 20 minutes inside.  Looking, inspecting, judging.  We actually saw a dildo in the shape of a human fist.  And the thing was freaking heavy, too.
So the judging.  I did not realize how loud we were actually being until I realized there were creepy older guys in the porn section, seriously inspecting copies and reading the backs of the cases.  They would not make eye contact with anyone.  Which is probably for the best, because I most likely would have laughed out loud.  I'm sorry, I love all things sexual, but some of it is pretty funny.  And if you can't laugh at yourself, then life is going to be harder than you want it to be.

Oh, did you know you can make molds of your private areas for (hopefully) a loved one to take when they are away?


Noell_ said...

Molds...of my private areas...sounds gratifying. LOL!

I think I've heard of Muse, but where was this "World's Largest Adult Bookstore", by the way? Nashville is my hometown. Oddities like that in the south fascinate me.

Lenina Crowne said...

The bookstore is in the same parking lot as the Muse, and its off Nolensville where it meets 8th Ave.

I suggest it. It's a great time!