Monday, March 29, 2010

Teardrops Fall Like Rain

Tears come in all different shapes and sizes, kinds, types, viscosities.  If the Eskimos have multiple words for snow, then I have a million different words for crying.

Some tears well up and spill out of the lids of your eyes, like water flowing out of an over filled bucket, without a single sniffle or cry.

Others are dry tears, with gasping sobs.

Other times those gasping sobs are accompanied by tiny drops that squeeze from the corners of your eyes.

A leaky face is one of the worst, where your nose turns red and runs along with your eyes.

Then the giant, perfectly formed, globes of water that drop slowly, one at a time, no matter how many times you wipe them away.  They reappear, same as before, and with reinforcements.

I hate tears.  They give you away.  No matter how hard you try to disguise your emotion, be it happiness, sadness, devastation, fear, or love, tears give you away.  I do not trust them.  And I do not like them.  I prefer hiding my emotions (except of course here, but this me on here, its not really me, or maybe its even more me, the me I keep inside and only myself or Patrick really knows... either way, I'm much more candid.  Which isn't completely me in person... But I digress) and tears ruin my camouflage effect.

So I swipe away at the couple still lingering on my face.  I sniffle, and I say goodnight, a watery smile upon my face.

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+Anthony said...

they're the only thing that ever gives me away... no matter how hard i try.